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What are Struvites and why do they matter?

The real story behind what’s happening in that tank…
In 1845 a scientist in Hamburg, Heinrich Christian Gottfried von Struve, discovered that gasses released from decomposing sewage mineralize and cause sewer tanks and lines to be coated with cement-hard crystals. It is a problem in sewage and waste water treatment facilities all over the world, but only recently has it been discovered by TankTechs.com to be in most RV holding tanks.

These crystals build up in the line below the toilet, in the corners and on the walls of the tank, and especially on the sensors.

In fact, struvites are the leading cause of black tank sensor failure!

Struvites are rough and porous, so they trap unhealthy, odor-caus- ing bacteria in the tank, slowing drainage and hardening toilet paper.

For instant removal of this build up, the only thing found to be e ective is a thorough hydro-jet cleaning by a trained, well-equipped and experienced technician.

However, after years of eld testing, TankTechs Rx has proven itself to be the only tank treatment available that will not only dissolve struvites over time, but also prevent their formation.

How Tanktechs Rx Compares To Other Tank Treatments?

There are four main categories of tank treatments available today.

• The Original Formaldehyde based Tank Treatments

Methyl alcohol and dye are added to cover the odor and hide the fact that it doesn’t do anything to break down the waste or control odor. It is banned in some places and is not really welcome anywhere. It pollutes the ground water and cannot be made nontoxic…according to their label.

• The Chemical Tank Treatments

These treatments break down the waste and cover the gas odor with deodorants. Some claim to be“natural”but the health warnings on their labels suggest otherwise. Tank size and length of time it is in the tank are issues because not only does each ush dilute the product, but most degrade over time and become less e ective. Experience has taught us that these are the hardest tanks to clean due to the tendency of the chemicals to accelerate the formation of struvites* on the tank walls and sensors.

• The Modern Enzyme / Bacteria Based Tank Treatments

This technology, borrowed from the septic tank industry, uses naturally occurring enzymes or bacteria to break down the solids in a tank. Our experience cleaning thousands of tanks has convinced us that they do indeed break down the solids, but leave it in the bottom of the tank as a heavy sludge. Being heavier than water, the sludge produced by these treatments makes it di cult for the RV tank ushing and macerator systems to operate e ectively because the water ows over the sludge. Most treatments claim to remove the odor but actually use a deodorant or surfactant to hide the odor. All allow struvite* growth, some more than others.

• The Tanktechs Rx Difference

The probiotic bacteria in TankTechs Rx eliminates odor so that perfumes and deodorants aren’t necessary. This is the only product on the market speci cally designed to address the struvite* problem, and keep sensors working for years. It digests waste to liquid, not sludge, is 100% safe for the environment and people, and instead of passing the problem on for someone else to deal with, actually turns the waste into a healthy antioxidant that is good for the environment. This is the ONLY tank treatment developed by experts who actually clean holding tanks and restore sensors to proper reading. Field experience convinced us that NONE of the other treatments controlled the odor or lique ed the waste as thoroughly as claimed. TankTechs Rx uses the latest probiotic technology to produce an e ective, healthy, environmentally friendly tank treatment. Treatment requires only 1/2 oz. per tank, no matter the size, because the probiotic bacteria in TankTechs Rx continue to reproduce and do their job until the tank is emptied… even during months of storage in any temperature.
(In order to gain control of the tank, more than the usual 1/2 ounce may be required in bellied or boat tanks.)

Questions about Tank Techs RX?

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